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There are 4 errors that may be displayed on the controller screen of your Z Grills wood pellet smoker. This video clearly explains why each occurs and what to do. Er1 = Temperature probe error
Error codes on your Z Grills wood pellet smoker
It is easy to keep your Z Grills wood pellet smoker looking like new and running efficiently. Use a wet cloth, bit of elbow grease, shop vac, and if you like shiny things, some stainless steel polish.
Keep your Z Grills wood pellet smoker looking like new
If you ever see smoke coming from your Z Grills wood pellet hopper, follow these steps.  1. Turn the controller to the Smoke setting 2. Watch the rest of the video so you understand why it happened and how to prevent it happening again.
Smoky wood pellet hopper - What to do?
Easy instructions on how to add a heat resistant seal to the door of your Z Grills wood pellet smoker grill.   This will not necessarily improve your cooking experience by does eliminate the lid "clang" sound when closing, reduces the operating noise of the grill and is a simple hack to make your Z Grills even better.  For the top and bottom strips - cut them about 1cm (1/2") short and then they will be perfect length when slightly stretched.
How to add a seal to your wood pellet smoker grill lid
Use this easy method to ensure you are only putting clean pellets into your wood pellets smoker hopper. This can greatly reduce issues of back-burn and also moist dust clogging up the auger.    My sieve was a bit small, so will be buying a bigger one for sure and doing this will all my pellets before use moving forward.
How to ensure dust free pellets in your wood pellet smoker
I have had many people ask about if you can cook on the Smoke setting.  The answer is yes and no so watch this video to understand more clearly.
Understand the SMOKE setting on Z Grills wood pellet smoker grills
Z Grills wood pellet smoker grill Initial Startup and Burn-in instruction video.   View step by step instructions with photos on our website:
Z Grills Initial Startup & Burn-in Process
An overview of how the Z Grills Wood Pellet Smoker Grill works
Z Grills Pellet Smoker Grill Operation Overview
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